The procedures:

A. Connect OBDSTAR F100  to Mazda CX5.

B. When the interface pops out, press “Start” button of the car to turn ignition on.

C. Then choose “All smart key lost” and press ENTER, it will pop out: “Switch ignition on”. Please choose step by step below:

“Switch ignition on”→ “Current number of smart keys”→ “configuring the system, please wait..”→ “reading vehicle information” → “configuring the system” → “Current number of smart keys:0” → “Erase complete”

Note: this step will erase all previous smart keys, just press ENTER to continue.

D. When it pops out “Switch ignition off”, press “Start” button of the car to turn ignition off

E. It will configure the system again, follow the prompts when “Switch ignition on” pops out then press “Start” button to turn ignition on. Use a new smart key to contact start button(pictures shown below) and press ENTER to continue…

F: After configuring the system complete, the current number of smart keys will become 1, if you want to add one more, follow the prompts.

Program Smart key for Mazda CX5 successfully!