About function and supported vehicles

Q: Does Ford VCM work with diesel vehicles?
A: Ford VCM work with diesel cars, and not work with diesel truck.
Q: Does FORD VCM support diagnosing GEM Module and GEM Module self-test?
A: Yes, it does.
Q: Can I use FORD VCM to change the VIN number for my car?
A: Yes, you can. PCM programming could rewrite VIN number.
About Ford VCM installation
Q: I have three questions about Ford VCM
1) Ford VCM IDS V83 could identify Mazda 5 and not Mazda 6; while VCM IDS V82 could identify Mazda 6. 
2) The Module Programming folder can’t be opened. 
3) I want to use VCM to deal with safety belt warning and Light-Sensor, can Ford VCM supports?
A: 1) Our VCM newest version for Mazda is V82, so it is no problem to use Mazda V82 to work with Mazda 5 and Mazda 6, to check whether you use Ford V83 to work with Mazda. 
2) The Module Programming folder can't be opened, please download the software "ExtendProgramming" to reset Module Programming.
3) Our Ford VCM performs the function as good as the original VCM does, so you can try to use it to deal with safety belt warning and Light-Sensor, but it maybe require the old version software, like the software before V76 or before V70, because only a part of software version supports the special function and the software V76 up is the test version of original factory, they don’t support some special functions.